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"Empower. Enlighten. Elevate. Your Blonding Business."


We're not just about the art of hair; we're about the business behind it. Rooted in the ethos of  The Messy Hairstylist Podcast, we aim to empower hairstylists with the tools, techniques, and tenacity to become the go-to blonding specialists in their area. We believe in working smarter, not harder, and in the transformative power of imperfect action.

 This is more than just an educational event; it's a movement. We promise to provide actionable insights, hands-on techniques, and the business acumen you need to elevate your blonding business.

With us, you don't just learn; you transform.

With Abby Warther
& Kelsey Morris

(Due to small class sizes
tickets are LIMITED)



(Morning Workshop)

In this class, we dive deep into the art of balayage, teaching you advanced techniques and methods to achieve flawless results. From mastering the delicate balance of light and shadow to creating seamless blends, we're dedicated to helping you elevate your blonding game.



(Afternoon Workshop)

While balayage has its charm, mastering the art of foiling is key to offering your clients a diverse range of blonde looks. In this segment, we get immersed in the world of foiling, exploring advanced techniques and strategies to achieve flawless results. From creating stunning highlights to seamlessly blending tones, we're here to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in foiling.​

Unleashing Creativity: Collaborative Insights Circle

Welcome to our Collaborative Insights Circle! Prepare to engage in dynamic discussions and brainstorming sessions focused on mastering the art and business of blonding. From refining pricing strategies to honing technique mastery and boosting confidence, our circle will empower you with actionable insights and support to elevate your blonding journey.

Join us for an enriching experience inspired by our core pillars where creativity thrives and innovation flourishes.


Strategic Pricing


Financial Acumen


Technique Mastery


Decision Making


Goal Setting & Imperfect Action

Understand your worth and how to price your services to reflect your expertise and the value you provide.

Dive deep into profit and loss, ensuring your blonding business is not just thriving but also profitable.

From strategic highlighting to impact foiling, master the techniques that set you apart.

Know when to foil and when to paint, ensuring optimal results every time.

Set clear goals and learn the power of taking imperfect action to achieve them.

October 21st, 9:00-5:00


The Sydney Co. Salon

49 N Sandusky St. 

Delaware, OH 43015

Included with the class:

  • Coffee and Breakfast Pastry Reception: Kick off the class with a warm welcome and energizing treats.

  • Mannequin to Keep: Practice your skills with your very own mannequin.

  • The Sunlights Professional Sampler: Boost your toolkit with Sunlights' top-performing backbar and styling line, a $125 value.

Tour Dates

Join us on this journey as we blend artistry with business savvy, equipping you with the confidence and expertise to shine as a

in your salo
n and beyond. Let's embark on this adventure together and unleash your full potential

We can't wait to meet you,
❤️ Abby & Kelsey



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