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About Us

Abby Warther and Kelsey Morris met in 2019 while working with Sunlights Professional as Balayage Educators.  They immediately clicked! 

The Messy Hairstylist was created to inspire other stylists to be the best version of themselves by BEING themselves. 

About Abby:

Abby is a 12-year licensed stylist with experience in all different aspects of the beauty industry. She began her career at The Aveda Institute-Columbus then worked in commission salons for the next 6 years. She is now the owner of AW Salon in North Canton, OH. 

Abby continues to make herself known by pushing herself to do more!  She is a balayage educator with Sunlights Professional, a Salon/Stylist Coach and has created an online academy "Built With Balayage".

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About Kelsey:

Kelsey has been a licensed stylist since 2010.  She has worked as an independent in two salon suites and is now the owner of a 6 chair salon and under renovations with a second location. 

Kelsey stays active in the industry by educating with both Sunlights Professional and GlossGenius.  She was one of the 2019 Faces Of Sola and was recently named Modern Salons Top 100. Stylist of 2022.  Kelsey also owns a clothing boutique (The Sydney Collection) paying homage to her late sister Sydney.

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